Welcome to Vikingswords.net; my name is Bob Davies.

I have a keen interest in history and metal working, particularly in the viking era.

I trained as a silversmith at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, and from this I progressed to making viking age jewellery based on various archaeological finds from Europe. Over the years I have developed my skills as a metalworker to produce swords, seaxes and silverware, mainly for use in the re-enactment world.

I strive to produce quality items that are durable, feel right in the hand, look pleasing to the eye and are correct for that period.

The swords, seaxes and silverware pieces are individually hand crafted by myself.
Silver pieces, like the arm-rings and bangles are made using traditional techniques as they were in the viking age. The coins are hand stamped on coin dies made by myself.

The majority of items shown on the different pages are made to order. That’s the reason there are no prices posted here; this site is meant to act as a gallery of what I make. If you have any questions about ordering, please read the terms and conditions page.
If you are interested in anything posted in the various pages, or even something along these lines, please feel free to contact me through my e-mail   (bob at vikingswords dot net) or via the contact form below and we can discuss it further.

Have a look around and I hope you enjoy,


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